Crestfall: A Novel of Earth and Fire

Lily cruising in South America, 2011

Crestfall is a dark fantasy with a heart of love—for the earth, its creatures and plants, for people who strive, care and face down fear. Its young heroine, Aria Andrews, interrupts her medieval history studies to attend her sister’s funeral on the rugged coast of Newfoundland. Her estranged twin was murdered, and Aria becomes a suspect before uncovering the brutal truth with the help of her brother Fynn, his witch girlfriend Sophie, and the forthright detective Bennet Halfnight. All three Andrews siblings possess unworldly powers; Aria uses hers to pursue an old antagonist and confront new ones: shape-shifters and werewolves in this startling novel of beastly gore and human tenderness.
Inside Book
As of Lily’s birthday, November 24th, Crestfall will be available in paperback! For those who would like to make a purchase, the Amazon link is:

The ebook is available at:

All proceeds will go towards research into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).






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