In Memory of Lily

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Lily St. John McKee– beloved daughter, sister, and friend to so many– passed away on Thursday, March 19, 2015. We, her family, have created this website as a forum for exchanging memories and photographs of Lily as well as providing information on projects that will celebrate her legacy. Please feel free to leave comments about our Lily or submit a photograph.

Lily was an accomplished author who was on the verge of publishing her first novel when she became sick. For seven weeks, she struggled with ARDS– acute respiratory distress syndrome– in the ICUs of both Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC and Johns Hopkins of Baltimore. In sickness, she showed the same bravery and determination she demonstrated throughout her life. Should you wish to support the doctors who tried to save Lily’s life, please visit to make a donation in Lily’s name.

Lily’s family has also established The Lily McKee High School Fellowship in her honor. Please see details on the tab above. Donations support students from across the Washington metropolitan area who share Lily’s passion for Shakespeare.

Ms. McKee’s novel Crestfall will be published this spring. Weaving romance and otherworldly mystery, it involves estranged sisters in a fictional town in maritime Newfoundland. Arriving after a murder, the heroic sister Aria encounters unjust suspicions, a phalanx of evil characters, and werewolves. Possessing special natural powers, Aria must defend the town, its people and surroundings– much as Lily herself was dedicated to helping young people address bullying by peers and protecting precious environments.

Please fill out the below form if you’d like to contact us with photos or memories of Lily, or if you’d like to be contacted with updates about Lily.